The Channel Of Power (34-57)

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Channel: Integration
Type of Channel: Generated

The Power Channel connects the Splenic Center to the Sacral Center through the Gate of Intuitive Clarity (57) and the Gate of Power (34). Channel 34 – 57 is the Archetype of what it means to be an Identified Human Being. Its energy enhances our intuitive ability through Response, keeping us alive and alerting us to danger.


In the Power Channel, the generative force of the Sacral empowers the Existential Awareness (survival instinct) of the Spleen, keeping us alert, attuned to our bodies, and constantly on guard for anything that might pose a threat in our immediate environment. Gate 34 has great strength to sustain and engage in activities. Gate 57 operates at an inner level of sound/vibration, constantly penetrating and monitoring its environment.

When the two Gates are combined within the Channel, an Archetype emerges based on the memory of ancient mammals with an instinct for fight or flight for survival. Without this instinctual and defensive intelligence, empowered to act spontaneously, we could not have individuated and evolved as a species. Through Gate 57, the entire process of awareness began to bloom within humanity. Intuition is rooted in Splenic Consciousness, emerging instinctively, free from the constraints of time and mental or emotional awareness. In other words, it’s not always what we think is good for us that will protect us, but rather how we intuitively respond to the different vibrations of the places or people around us in the moment.


In order to react clearly and quickly or make a split-second decision necessary to literally save your life – such as jumping out of a moving car – you must constantly be grounded and connected to your Body Awareness. This often means being highly selective about others’ verbal input, always listening with your right ear to hear what they are truly saying. Following your Strategy as a Generator unleashes the blend of Splenic Intuition and Sacral Power, allowing it to safely carry you through each moment of your life. Determined to keep you self-reliant, alive, acoustically alert, and physically fit, this is an incredible capacity, and you can learn to trust it completely. Finely tuned for your individual survival, it doesn’t consider the needs and desires of anyone but you. The enduring strength that supports this “Archetype” Channel is the experience of yourself as an aware and unique being.

Once self-empowered, you become an inspiring example of what it means to enjoy being a differentiated, highly vital, pure, and unconditioned human being, living moment to moment in response. If you find yourself prone to melancholy, embrace your mood without trying to fix or understand it.


Individuals with the Power Channel have the potential to perfect their survival powers through response-based intuitions. They generally don’t appreciate anything or anyone disturbing their realm of well-being and can become defensive, if necessary, to maintain it. Having evolved beyond the “Eat or Be Eaten” level of existence, they now rely on their readiness and vigilance to support a healthy vitality that allows them to survive long enough to experience and appreciate the growing gifts of Species Awareness.


– Power is Great only when it is shown or used for the common good –
Center: Sacral
Quarter: Mutation
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through Transformation
RAC: Right Angle Cross of the Dormant Phoenix
JC: Juxtaposition Cross of Power/Force
LAC: Left Angle Cross of Duality

Gate 34 is a Powerful and Noteworthy Source of Energy that Empowers Us Individually, showcasing and celebrating our Uniqueness in the world. Two qualities distinguish this Gate from the other eight in the Sacral Center: its asexuality and the inaccessibility of its Power to others.

If connected to Gate 10 in the G Center, your energy focuses on social behaviors or roles that support your strong convictions. If connected to Gate 20 in the Throat, your Power will be determined to act on its own, to transform your thoughts into actions, and express your ability to manifest and thrive.

If connected to Gate 57 in your Spleen, your intuition will enhance your ability to listen to what you need to survive perfectly in every moment. Without the direct Intuitive guidance of the Spleen, this incredible Force to act could become unhealthy, invasive, and provide instructions that lead astray.

You might feel lost in your momentum, consuming energy that serves no one. Though admired and even requested, your energy is simply not available to others. It must remain pure in its Power and always accessible to you as you seek to be independent and unique, to act according to your convictions and triumph, which means surviving as yourself.


– The extraordinary Power of Clarity –
Center: Spleen
Quarter: Duality
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through Bonding
RAC: Right Angle Cross of Penetration
JC: Juxtaposition Cross of Intuition
LAC: Left Angle Cross of the Messenger

With its Clear Intuitive Understanding, Gate 57 has the ability to penetrate a person’s core in the now. You have a deep and innate attunement to the sound that is constantly attentive to the Vibrations coming from your physical, emotional, and psychic environment. Moment after moment, your Intuitions record a sense of what is safe, healthy, and good for you and what is not.

Gate 57 is the Gate of the right ear. If you want to truly hear what someone is telling you, listen with your intuitively tuned right ear. You must be vigilant and focused in the now to hear the messages of your Spleen, or the information you are getting to survive may be ignored. You might appear deaf to others or be accused of selective hearing about what they have to say, but your intuition is your only guide in determining what perfect behavior ensures your well-being.

The only way for you to alleviate fears of the future is to pay attention to your instinctual intuitions, that faint voice that speaks softly and only once, and act immediately on these feelings. When you are listening and paying attention to your Intuition in the here and now, there is no fear of tomorrow.

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