The Channel Of Genius Lightning (57 – 20)

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Circuit: Knowing
Channel Type: Projected

The Genius Lightning Channel connects the Splenic Center to the Throat Center through the Gate of Intuitive Clarity (57) and the Gate of Now (20).

This is where Intuitive Understanding gives its clearest voice in the present moment. One of the most extraordinary abilities that humans have through this channel is the penetrating self-recognition of the truth of our existence, expressed as: “I know that I am alive now.”


In the 57-20 Channel, Splenic Intuition travels directly to the Throat Center in a wave of knowing that competes to be communicated in the moment.

This is individual intuition that comes from a deep intelligence or acumen based on our ancient instincts and is connected to the Immediate Intuitive Knowing of the Moment.

The deeper function of the Genius Lightning Channel is to empower the next person toward awakening their innate intelligence for survival. The Splenic Center is the core of our health and well-being.

However, it is not an Energy source, and while our Intuition can be aware of it and can articulate strategies that enable our well-being, it is not necessarily able to implement them.


Life prompts you to use your Intuitive Awareness to support your well-being in the now and to speak the truth, Your Truth, which reveals itself in every present moment.

“I Am what I am, and I Know how to be what I am.” With your inner knowing guiding your acute vibrant or acoustic awareness, you will often find that your spontaneous bursts of pure intuition reach the core or truth of a particular situation much faster than those around you.

This is the ability to Improvise and grants you a Mutative Potential that, if your timing is right, can have a profound impact on the people around you.

Your attention/readiness to the receptivity of others, guided by your Strategy and Authority, allows you to share your Existential Knowing with them as true Wisdom and reduces misunderstandings and resistance.

When you are finely tuned and firmly anchored in the now, you are connected to your survival ability. From this perspective, there is no fear of tomorrow. You are one who simply knows what to do without having to think about it. Your intuitive knowing and your body move in a wave of spontaneous energy.

Connecting to the adaptability of the Genius Lightning Channel requires overcoming the fear of the unknown by learning to listen, act, and trust your Intuitive Impulses completely, moment by moment.

If you ignore these instinctive impulses, momentary awareness will pass, and you may suffer for it. Maximizing this ability to penetrate within and know in the moment depends on focusing your attention on the present.

This focus makes it difficult to hear what others ‘know,’ which is just another way of saying that you don’t like being told what to do.


Gate 57 has a beneficial relationship with Gate 28, which struggles with fears or questions about the value of life.

Gate 28 can get the attention of Gate 57 and pull it out of its self-centeredness.

Its quest for the meaning of life prods Gate 57, which struggles with the uncertainty of its spontaneous words and actions, to release its Intuitive Knowing and truths in order to find the answers sought by Gate 28.

When the timing is right, those with the 57-28 Channel can provoke Mutative Change.


– The Extraordinary Power of Clarity –
Center: Spleen
Quarter: Duality
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through Connection
RAC: Right-Angle Cross of Penetration
JC: Juxtaposition Cross of Intuitive
LAC: Left-Angle Cross of the Messenger

With its Clear Intuitive Understanding, Gate 57 has the ability to penetrate a person’s core in the now.

You have a deep and innate attunement to the sound that is constantly alert to the vibrations coming from your physical, emotional, and psychic environment. Moment by moment, your intuitions record a sense of what is safe, healthy, and good for you and what is not.

Gate 57 is the Gate of the right ear. If you truly want to hear what someone is telling you, listen with your intuitively attuned right ear. You must be vigilant and focused in the now to hear the messages from your Spleen, or the information you are receiving for survival may be ignored.

You may appear deaf to others or be accused of selective hearing regarding what they have to say, but your intuition is your only guide in determining what perfect behavior ensures your well-being.

The only way for you to alleviate fears of the future is to pay attention to your instinctive intuitions, that subtle voice that speaks softly and only once and act immediately on these feelings.

When you are listening and paying attention to your Intuition in the here and now, there is no fear of tomorrow.


– Recognition and Awareness in the Now that transforms Understanding into Correct Action –
Center: Throat
Quarter: Civilization
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through Form
RAC: Right-Angle Cross of Sleeping Phoenix
JC: Juxtaposition Cross of Now
LAC: Left-Angle Cross of Duality

Gate 20 is purely existential, keeping you focused in the present and supporting your survival capabilities as yourself.

When your expression is correctly timed, Awareness will be transformed into words or actions that can impact the people around you.

This Energetic Frequency must be fully absorbed in the present moment. It can give voice to Gate 57 – Intuitive Awareness of Survival – Gate 10 – Behavioral Patterns and Commitment to Higher Principles – or it can Manifest the Sacral Power of Gate 34, through actions and Individuation.

Gate 20 expresses the wide range of being in the moment from “I am now” to “I know I am myself doing now,” but it does not consider the past and the future. To be Awakened and Aware and to survive, you must be fully present in the moment and authentically yourself.

There is rarely time to consider or mentally control what bubbles up inside you, so what you say or do is suddenly there for everyone, including yourself, to observe. In fact, you often see when you are not looking or hear when you are not listening.

This is how the Potential for Evolutionary Change, hidden in each moment of existence, is empowered within you. If you live according to your Strategy and Authority, you will become a living example.

Your behaviors of Intuitive Knowing, Personal Mutative Survival, and Self-Love influence or empower the next.

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