The Channel of Transformation (54-32)

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Circuit: Ego
Channel Type: Projected

The Channel of Transformation connects the Root Center to the Splenic Center through the Gate of Ambition (Drive) (54) and the Gate of Continuity (32).

The 54-32 Channel represents Ambition fueled by consistent effort and motivated by the Desire to be recognized in order to have a better position in life.

The Potential Awareness of what can and cannot be Transformed, sometimes distorted by the fear of failure, is driven by the drive for social interactions that can elevate a person to higher levels.


The Channel of Transformation carries an energetic potential through which individuals with talent or ability can lift themselves up and move out of the social class they were born into.

Gate 32 is always on the lookout for talent. It is driven by the Fear that its Tribe may not be able to compete with the best or survive the next economic crisis, unable to endure it.

This recognition of the Tribe’s existential fragility forms the Ambition of the 54-32 Channel; its Desire to rise and transform.

There is also a mystical thread, the thread of Spirit, woven through Line 4 of Gate 54: Enlightenment/Darkness, the drive for Transformation in its purest state.


Rooted and Grounded by Tribal Dedication to Service and Selflessness, Transformation is best defined here in its Tribal context.

Tribal Support begins when your Talents are recognized, and your commitments are encouraged, through what is reflected back to you by those you have helped fulfill their ambitions or achieve Enlightenment.

The reward for your loyalty and dedication to the Tribe comes through each promotion to the next level.

You willingly work harder than anyone else to prove your worth or value, even going so far as to become a workaholic.

Your true goal is to experience this drive for recognition as a healthy interdependence that is mutually beneficial.

Your instincts have the potential to lead you to a vocation through which you could fulfill your potential, achieve your ambitions, and use your gifts to make money so that you can use the unique skills you possess to assist others in reaching their potential.


The Ambition that constitutes Transformation in the material world is guided by Splenic Awareness.

It is through instinct that one with this Channel recognizes whether or when Support is available to enhance health or ensure success through personal advancement.

The ongoing pressure to make more and more money transforms the world economy.

In the end, only Transformation that endures over time has value, and to create such continuity, Tribe support is necessary.

Even today in our global society, support alliances are crucial for a nation to achieve its financial goals and ambitions.

Transformation is not something we do alone, and our ascent to higher levels is always accompanied and dependent on the expectations of those above us.

If a person with the 54-32 Channel is appropriately recognized and supported by the Tribe, then the Tribe expects a quid pro quo, a mutual return for what has been made available.

This is how the Tribal system endures.


– Interaction in its Mundane and Social context, but also in its Mystical and Cosmic relationships –
Center: Roots
Quarter: Mutation
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through Transformation
RAC: Right Angle Cross of Penetration
JC: Juxtaposed Cross of Ambition
LAC: Left Angle Cross of Cycles

Gate 54 provides Humanity with the Drive and Ambition to Transform the Material Direction of the Tribe and to stand among other Tribes.

It provides the Energy for our greatest Mundane Ambitions and for the higher aspirations that may be hidden within it.

Only when we have learned to master our instincts to thrive on the mundane level, is the Transformation of a Natural Spirit made possible.

Live your Spiritual Ideals through the mundane plane, and Ambition is the Fulfillment of your Personal Potential.

If you are noticed by someone higher in the hierarchy, there is a good chance you can improve your position in life.

Your inner guidance to ‘grow’ provides the impetus to transform those around you as well.

Level the playing field for others to compete on equal terms.

In any case, your guidance needs direction, so you naturally seek out people with Gate 32 to channel your Ambition towards something valuable and enduring.

Without this Direction, your guidance may turn into Blind Ambition.


– The only thing that endures is Change –
Center: Spleen
Quarter: Duality
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through Bonds
RAC: Right Angle Cross of Maya
JC: Juxtaposed Cross of Conservation
LAC: Left Angle Cross of Limitation

Awareness through Gate 32 is focused on Constant Evaluation as Instinctive Recognition of what can or cannot be Transformed.

An underlying Fear of Failure can put the brakes on uncontrolled Ambition.

The Ability of Gate 32 to Adapt, and to maintain its true nature, is the contribution of the Spleen to the material continuity of the Tribe.

This is also a part of your contribution. Much rests on what is recognized and valued, and thus encouraged and preserved by the Tribe.

One of your Gifts is to recognize those who have the ability or education to excel in the world and, using your influence, to draw the attention of those in positions of authority.

This is a Gate of Prolonged Indecision.

You are inclined to agonize over how to balance what works and functions correctly (conservatism) and open yourself or an organization to unknown risks (fear of failure) that accompany Transformation and Change.

However, Change is inevitable, and when it becomes part of the equation of life, growth is optimized.

Relying on your Authority for timing and staying carefully focused on your Instincts, your Wisdom will emerge over time to keep Society from repeating things that don’t work, embracing instead what is lasting and valuable.

Without Gate 54, Gate 32 feels the lack of a Consistent Source of Drive or Ambition to succeed.

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