The Channel of Surrender (44-26)

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Circuit: Ego (Creative Channel)
Channel Type: Projected

The Surrender Channel connects the Spleen Center to the Heart Center through the Gate of Readiness (44) and the Gate of the Selfish (26).

Here, we find deep Tribal memory rooted in Instinctive Awareness/Intelligence combined with the Force of Ego.

It’s this combination that gives the Transmitter the ability to use Historical Memory selectively and persuasively to sell something to a targeted group of people, which presumably constitutes an improvement.

The 44-26 Channel is the Capitalist engaged in the creative art of Enterprise.


Being the only direct connection between the Heart Center and the Splenic Center, the 44-26 Channel forms one of the main health networks in the Body.

Gate 26 is related to the Thymus Gland where our Immune System is formed before birth.

Essentially, this Channel is instinctively vigilant and ready to address what constitutes a threat or requires improvement or replacement to maintain the Vital Tribe.

Individuals with this Channel, using their nose or sense to recognize what people might need, exercise their Will to manipulate the Tribe for its good, even before it knows it needs it.


You possess a gift for instinctively assessing others and matching them with products, jobs, and even ideologies.

In return for this work, you will require what you deem fair for yourself, which must include a healthy balance between rest and work.

You are not designed to work eight hours a day in an office, but you will accomplish much more in a compressed amount of time than most people do in an entire day.

You can trust your instinct to guide you in life, and if something about a person or a project you are dealing with doesn’t smell right, don’t commit to it.

The form of the deal is different on the left side of the Ego Circuit than on the right side.

It changes from “I’ll do this for you if you do this for me” to “I’m selling this incredible new gadget, and if you want it, it’s yours for only $12.95!” You are an entrepreneur who is part of a team, and all team members need to be paid.

You are the frontline Promoter/Seller, bringing in the money that is then distributed proportionally down the lines to each member of the production team.

Whether the Team likes you (You and your tactics) or not depends on the results you generate for them.

This Channel often works best until the market or your Tribe recognizes your gift, promises you their support, and asks you to promote yourself or your product on their behalf.

This recognition gives you a platform to speak from—especially if you’re a Politician.


Transmitters’ intuition, whose form of persuasion will effectively replay their message, can spontaneously adjust their advertising or sales techniques to meet changes in the market and situations.

The Creative Gift of this Channel includes a sense of what will be appealing to the Tribe and how to manipulate or stroke the Ego of others to make them desire what they are selling.

This can be a valuable asset for Directors, Sales Representatives, Graphic Designers, Advertising Executives, Politicians, and Diplomats.


– The success of every interaction relies on the absence of any precondition –
Center: Spleen
Quarter: Duality
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through Bonds
RAC: Right Angle Cross of the Four Ways
JC: Juxtaposed Cross of Readiness
LAC: Left Angle Cross of Incarnation

Gate 44 is the Gate of memory and remembers patterns for living that have successfully addressed our material needs.

This Memory is an integral and reliable part of our Intelligence to survive as a species.

You are instinctively vigilant at all times for the correct and spontaneous relationship or interaction that can shift potential to a level of Possibility.

What you remember or transmit shapes Tribal orientation and ultimately reinforces its Ego presence and strength in the world.

You control how Gate 26 acts in defending the Tribe or fighting for it. This is where Tribal Propaganda can be found.

You help the tribe calm its fears of the past, reminding that a hungry child is not a healthy child and that material security and health go hand in hand.

The Spleen is not an engine, so you will rely on the Will of the Heart Center to fulfill any transformation that – you instinctively know – needs to become a reality if we are to ensure the survival of the Tribe.

Without Gate 26, you are needlessly prone to exaggeration, committing more than necessary, and making promises you can’t keep.

What you fear most is that the baggage of the past may catch up with you.


– Maximizing the Power of Memory Applied to the Growth of Continuity –
Center: Ego
Quarter: Mutation
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through Transformation
RAC: Right Angle Cross of Dominion
JC: Juxtaposed Cross of the Magician
LAC: Left Angle Cross of Confrontation

Gate 26 is where Memory is Manipulated or where the past is selectively remembered to persuade or distract us from our fears.

The line between reality and falsehood blurs, and Potential and Possibility are transformed into reality and sold to the public—for a price.

You are a natural seller from whom exaggeration is expected, and your innate ability to manipulate memory, along with Ego Energy, is designed to withstand rejection.

If you are recognized for these abilities, given a job where you can set your schedule, are remunerated sufficiently, and can maintain a proper and healthy balance between work and rest, it means you are so eager to be on the front lines for the Tribe and have the ‘Ego to do it.

Waiting to be recognized and only making promises you can keep allows you to hold your influence over others.

Remaining honest about your persuasive powers and supporting the promises you make through your Strategy and Authority strengthens your Ego and the health of your Heart.

Without the Instinctive Awareness of Gate 44, it can become challenging to know what, when, and what actually to transmit.

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