The Channel Of Perfect Form (57-10)

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Channel: Integration (Creative Channel)
Channel Type: Projected

The Channel of Perfected Form connects the Spleen Center to the Throat Center through the Gate of Intuitive Clarity (57) and the Gate of Self-Behavior (10). This is a Channel of Creative Integration – the Art of Survival. It projects a quality of Behavior guided by intuitive Awareness, rooted in self-love and self-appreciation. This Behavior is the core of our species’ ability to survive, one individual at a time.


Spleenic Awareness is primarily focused on physical well-being. Channel 57-10 supports Gate 10’s attention to how to interact with others to perfect or ensure Individual survival. Individual behaviors that are self-oriented and potentially transformative must survive to produce evolutionary change within humanity as a whole.

Individual behaviors, which are unique and perfectly suited to our physical form for survival, exemplify for others the meaning of living fully in the moment. Gate 57 possesses acute auditory sensitivity to the quality of sounds in a person’s immediate environment. Paying more attention to someone’s tone of voice rather than their words automatically connects Channel 57-10 to our oldest form of awareness, an innate, spontaneous, and intuitive Wisdom that exists beyond ideas and emotions.

This Channel gives the individual rare clarity and the ability to act spontaneously and appropriately in response to what is perceived as out of place in their environment.


As you let your deep intuitive impulses guide your Behavior moment by moment, you automatically release unfounded fears about the future, fears that can keep you from fully loving yourself and embracing life. You embody the potential to move freely and existentially through the world.

This ability to “think on your feet” spontaneously perfects your Form, ensuring your survival perfectly in the now. There is an intrinsic beauty in this process that makes you happy and fills you with joy. The spontaneity and nature of your Creativity are very different from the creative process of self-reflection that the mind finds pleasure in or the depth and diversity of emotional sensitivity that comes over time through the Solar Plexus.

By simply being yourself, you create something healthy and beautiful with your life. Such uniqueness draws attention and impacts the people around you, serving as an example for all of us to find the value of living life as ourselves.


People with the Channel of Perfected Form are here to create what they love and love what they create. Recognition is not their motivation. They possess the ability to love themselves enough to stay true to themselves while behaving intuitively in ways that ensure their survival in society.

This is an unapologetic, selfish, and self-absorbed process, an ongoing journey accomplished by creating and perfecting what it means to be their uniqueness and expressing it through their life. In both overt and subtle ways, they impact their environment, leaving it healthier and more beautiful than when they first encountered it.

Many artists, architects, designers, and doctors who possess this Channel have shaped the world around them by being an example, unintentionally. This is the natural result of an authentic life.


– The extraordinary Power of Clarity –
Center: Spleen
Quarter: Duality
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through Bonding
RAC: Right Angle Cross of Penetration
JC: Juxtaposition Cross of Intuition
LAC: Left Angle Cross of the Messenger

With its Clear Intuitive Understanding, Gate 57 has the ability to penetrate a person’s core in the now. You have a deep and innate attunement to the sound that is constantly attentive to the Vibrations coming from your physical, emotional, and psychic environment.

Moment after moment, your Intuitions record a sense of what is safe, healthy, and good for you and what is not. Gate 57 is the Gate of the right ear. If you want to truly hear what someone is telling you, listen with your intuitively tuned right ear. You must be vigilant and focused in the now to hear the messages of your Spleen, or the information you are getting to survive may be ignored.

You might appear deaf to others or be accused of selective hearing about what they have to say, but your intuition is your only guide in determining what perfect behavior ensures your well-being. The only way for you to alleviate fears of the future is to pay attention to your instinctual intuitions, that faint voice that speaks softly and only once, and act immediately on these feelings.

When you are listening and paying attention to your Intuition in the here and now, there is no fear of tomorrow.


– The underlying Code of Behavior that ensures successful interaction despite Circumstances –
Center: G
Quarter: Mutation
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through Transformation
RAC: Right-Angle Cross of the Vessel of Love
JC: Cross of the Behavioral Juxtaposition
LAC: Left-Angle Cross of Prevention

Gate 10 is the most complex in the G Center and is one of the four Gates of the Incarnation Cross of the Vessel of Love. This is the Gate of Self-Love. The six potential Behaviors or Roles of Self (listed below) are guided by the intuition of Gate 57, enhanced by the Sacral Response of Gate 34, and manifested or expressed through Gate 20. Within the framework of these Roles, humanity is exploring what it means to live as Beings with 9 Centers, self-aware Forms with the Potential to Awaken and experience genuine self-love.

With your Strategy and Authority in place, Gate 10 enhances your potential to let go and thus live authentically as yourself. As you know, accept, and love what makes you Unique, you also empower others to love themselves. True Awakening through letting go is a commitment to being yourself, not to becoming something.

Gate 10 places a strong emphasis on self-acceptance and will deeply impact how humanity moves through the 21st century. You are the one who recognizes that Awakening is not possible without Self-Acceptance. As you embrace and honor the joy of exploring life in a Self-Aware Form, you increase our Potential to live as ourselves, awakened in the moment.

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