The Channel Of Charisma (34-20)

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Channel: Integration
Type of Channel: Manifesting Generator

The Channel of Charisma connects the Sacral Center to the Throat Center through the Gate of Power (34) and the Gate of Now (20). This is the classic Manifesting Generator Channel, where Manifestation is guided by Sacral Response. In other words, the Warrior (Manifestor) must surrender to the Buddha (Generator), waiting to Respond to external stimuli for their charismatic power to be properly directed in the world.


The Channel of Charisma is one of the three oppositions (43-23 and 37-40 being the other two) in the Rave Mandala, making this Definition a Common and Consistent Source of Creative Life Force in the world.

When the Raw Force of Gate 34, pure Physiological Energy, is processed through the Thyroid System, it becomes a Key Energetic Component, enhancing humanity’s survival. The Sacral exerts its pressure to remain engaged with Gate 20, urging it to Express in the NOW. The speed at which Generative Force meets Manifestation happens so quickly that it almost ignores Response, which explains why the person with this Channel has difficulty sitting still or remaining calm. Although their scope of influence and reach can be incredible, without the Awareness to stay connected to their Inner Sacral Guidance, the same driving Energy can manifest as an obsession or erupt spontaneously and be carried away by its own momentum like a runaway missile.


The Energy of Channel 34-20 is part of the Self-Empowerment Integration Process, and since you have the Power to sustain Activity for extended periods, it is essential to apply this Energy to what you deeply love to do. Others may envy your Manifesting Energy, but it is not available to them; they cannot tap into it. The Awareness that must become action (deeds) is whatever the generative force of Gate 34 has focused on, while this energy must be immediately available to you to manifest in the moment. It is correct and healthy for you to be avidly self-absorbed in an activity you deem right and fulfilling while generally remaining unavailable to others. In this way, genuine Vitality and self-empowerment spontaneously emerge with their potential to naturally inspire others. This is the true nature of Charisma. When Sacral Response is replaced by mental shoulds and coulds, the great personal Power will be diffused or misdirected, compromising your health and your ability to be an example.


Most people with the Channel of Charisma generally appear unavailable to others. As individuals with the potential to act and manifest in the moment, they find themselves simply doing so. Their dilemma is that they can be so busy that they do not always recognize where guidance may be needed. Correct Manifestation is of enormous benefit to society. Chaotic Manifestation is profoundly destructive. If someone with the Channel 34-20 does not have access to inner guidance within their Design that tempers and directs their affairs, such as the Intuitive Understanding of Gate 57 or Self-Behavior of Gate 10, then it is natural and healthy for them to be open to the guidance or advice of someone with Individual Understanding and Knowledge of Channel 43-23.


– Power is Great only when shown or used to serve the common good –
Center: Sacral
Quarter: Mutation
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through Transformation
RAC: Right-Angle Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix
JC: Cross of Power/Force Juxtaposition
LAC: Left-Angle Cross of Duality

Gate 34 is a Powerful and Remarkable Energy Source that Empowers us as Individuals, showing and celebrating our Uniqueness in the world. Two qualities distinguish this Gate from the other eight in the Sacral Center: its asexuality and the inaccessibility of its Power to others. If connected to Gate 10 in the G Center, your Energy focuses on Social Behaviors or Roles that support your strong beliefs.

If connected to Gate 20 in the Throat, your Power will be determined to act on its own, to transform your thoughts into actions and express your ability to manifest and thrive. If connected to Gate 57 in your Spleen, your Intuition will enhance your ability to listen to what you need to survive perfectly at any moment. Without the direct Intuitive guidance of the Spleen, this Incredible Force for action could become unhealthy, invasive, and provide incorrect instructions.

You may feel lost in your momentum, consuming Energy that serves no one. While admired and even sought after, your Energy simply is not available to others. It must remain pure in its Power and always accessible to you as you strive to be independent and unique, to act according to your beliefs and triumph, meaning to survive as yourself.


– Recognition and Awareness in the Now that transforms Understanding into Correct Action –
Center: Throat
Quarter: Civilization
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through Form
RAC: Right-Angle Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix
JC: Cross of Now Juxtaposition
LAC: Left-Angle Cross of Duality

Gate 20 is purely existential, keeping you focused on the present and supporting your abilities to survive as yourself. When your expression is correctly timed, Awareness will be transformed into words or actions that can impact the people around you. This Energetic Frequency is and must be fully absorbed in the present moment.

It can give voice to Gate 57 – Intuitive Awareness of Survival – to Gate 10 – Behavioral Patterns and Commitment to Higher Principles – or it can Manifest the Sacral Power of Gate 34, through actions and Individuation. Gate 20 expresses the wide range of being in the moment from “I am now” to “I know I am myself doing now,” but it does not consider the past and future. To be Awake and Aware and to survive, you must be fully present in the moment and authentically yourself.

There is rarely a time to mentally consider or control what bubbles up inside you, so what you say or do is suddenly there for everyone, including yourself, to observe. In fact, you often see when you are not looking or listen when you are not hearing. This is how the Potential for Evolutionary Change, hidden in each moment of existence, is empowered within you. If you live according to your Strategy and Authority, you will become a living example. Your behaviors of Intuitive Knowing, Mutative Personal Survival, and Self-Love influence or empower others.

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