The Channel Of Awakening (10-20)

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Channel: Integration
Channel Type: Projected

The Awakening Channel connects the G Center to the Throat Center through the Gate of Self-Behavior (10) and the Gate of Now (20). For Awakening and Awareness, each moment represents an opportunity for Recognizing and Committing to the Principles that Transform Individual Knowledge into Correct Actions (Gate 20). This is an action tempered by an underlying Code of Behavior that ensures Successful Interaction with others (Gate 10).


The Awakening Channel says, “I am! I am Alive Now!” This is the primary egoistic, intense, moving, and pregnant expression of the essence of Being. It is the questioning of Human Awareness: “I have survived; I am a survivor.”

Buddha means “the Awakened One.” The two pillars of Awakened Life are: Self-Love and Self-Trust: “I am and I can because I love (myself).” In simple terms of Human Design, being Awakened means making decisions as oneself and living through them.

When you can live Your Design, loving yourself, no matter the cost or how common your experience, you are Awakened like Buddha.


The G Center is not a Center of Awareness, so the 10-20 Channel can only do one thing – speak for itself. It perfectly expresses Wisdom for Survival, Thriving, and experiencing the love of Life; you must honor your Potential to Behave as a Living Expression of Self-Love, Acceptance, and Trust. You are normally in a state of Awakening, Recognition by others, Self-Awareness, and how your Life unfolds before you.

Your Survival and Self-Empowerment are the end result of embracing, loving, accepting, and living as yourself in every moment; they are highlighted by others through your Decisions, Words, Interactions, and Behavior in the world. To have your planned impact on the people around you, to fulfill your Potential as a Voice of Leadership Integration, it is necessary for others to feel that there is something clear and Awakened in you, as you cannot see it clearly.

Simply being Yourself will influence and inspire people around you to be themselves, often without even knowing it. This is the kind of recognition that elicits appropriate invitations from others, invitations that keep you from encountering resistance, taking criticism personally, and becoming overwhelmed by your Uniqueness and natural tendency toward egocentrism.


The Six Lines of Gate 10 indicate which Behavioral Principle governs those engaged with the 10-20 Channel. The first Line says one has the potential to be Awakened in the moment through the ability to know how to act, regardless of circumstances. The second Line is designed for Independent and egocentric behavior, withdrawing into isolation when the conditioning of others pushes it away from its true Nature.

The Trial and Error process of the third Line can ultimately be of great help to humanity in discovering what works or doesn’t work. The fourth Line will wait for the right moment and opportunity to externalize what it knows in order to influence and awaken those close to it. The fifth Line will awaken and bring change through direct and loyal challenge to the underlying traditions accepted by society.

The sixth Line will awaken others through its example rather than with words, through the expression of its true nature in actions, living day by day.


– The underlying Code of Behavior that ensures successful interaction despite Circumstances –
Center: G
Quarter: Mutation
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through Transformation
RAC: Right-Angle Cross of the Vessel of Love
JC: Cross of the Behavioral Juxtaposition
LAC: Left-Angle Cross of Prevention

Gate 10 is the most complex in the G Center and is one of the four Gates of the Incarnation Cross of the Vessel of Love. This is the Gate of Self-Love. The six potential Behaviors or Roles of Self (listed below) are guided by the intuition of Gate 57, enhanced by the Sacral Response of Gate 34, and manifested or expressed through Gate 20. Within the framework of these Roles, humanity is exploring what it means to live as Beings with 9 Centers, self-aware Forms with the Potential to Awaken and experience genuine self-love.

With your Strategy and Authority in place, Gate 10 enhances your potential to let go and thus live authentically as yourself. As you know, accept, and love what makes you Unique, you also empower others to love themselves. True Awakening through letting go is a commitment to being yourself, not to becoming something.

Gate 10 places a strong emphasis on self-acceptance and will deeply impact how humanity moves through the 21st century. You are the one who recognizes that Awakening is not possible without Self-Acceptance. As you embrace and honor the joy of exploring life in a Self-Aware Form, you increase our Potential to live as ourselves, awakened in the moment.


– Recognition and Awareness in the Now that transforms Understanding into Correct Action –
Center: Throat
Quarter: Civilization
Theme: Purpose Fulfilled through Form
RAC: Right-Angle Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix
JC: Cross of the Behavioral Juxtaposition of Now
LAC: Left-Angle Cross of Duality

Gate 20 is purely existential; it keeps you focused on the present and supports your abilities to survive as yourself. When your expression is correctly timed, Awareness will be transformed into words or actions that can impact the people around you. This Energetic Frequency must be fully absorbed in the present moment.

It can give voice to Gate 57 – Intuitive Awareness of Survival – to Gate 10 – Behavioral Patterns and Commitment to Higher Principles – or it can Manifest the Sacral Power of Gate 34, through actions and Individuation. Gate 20 expresses the wide range of being in the moment from “I am now” to “I know I am myself doing now,” but it doesn’t consider the past and the future. To be Awakened and Aware and to survive, you must be fully present in the moment and authentically yourself.

There is rarely time to mentally consider or control what bubbles up inside you, so what you say or do is suddenly there for everyone, including yourself, to observe. In fact, you often see when you’re not looking or hear when you’re not listening. This is how the Potential for Evolutionary Change, hidden in every moment of existence, is empowered within you. If you live according to your Strategy and Authority, you will become a living example. Your behaviors of Intuitive Knowing, Personal Survival Mutations, and Self-Love influence or empower others.

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